shutterstock_139044254In today’s modern environment we are exposed to a tremendous amount of external toxins from our air, water, and food, as well as many internal toxins created from our own physiology and emotional thoughts. Simply put, a TOXIN is a natural or synthetic chemical poison that can affect the body by internal or external means. More than 120,000 human-made chemicals have been introduced into the environment, in one form or another, with over a thousand more produced in each successive year. At the same time, microbial organisms and their associated toxins, both internal and external, are being influenced by the vast number of chemicals. Thus, they are able to mutate at an astonishing rate. Evidence is mounting to show a definitive link between the bodily tissue accumulations of toxins and the development of many chronic diseases.

Our toxic burden is determined by the rate at which our body’s natural methods of detoxification can keep up with our exposure to pollutants, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, preservatives, and additives, in addition to our own body’s production of metabolic waste, free radicals, and noxious emotions or thoughts. The process of detoxification or elimination can be hampered for many reasons. When toxins overwhelm the normal cleansing mechanisms of the body, inflammation is created to aid in the removal of these toxins. These inflammatory signals are the start of a disease process and if not remedied will become chronic. The body attempts to compensate this overload by depositing the toxins in fat cells, cysts, polyps and tumors. After years of storage, the toxins move into body cells and tissues creating chronic degenerative changes. Therefore, having powerful methods to assist the body in cellular cleansing is invaluable.

“The normal individual is immune to cancer and he has to develop that susceptibility to cancer from many, many years of eating refined foods.” Dr. Royal Lee, the Father of Holistic Nutrition

At Asheville Chiropractic & Wellness Center, there are many proven and effective options in aiding the body’s natural methods of detoxification and elimination. The 21-day SP Purification Program is a nutritionally based cleansing process intended to assist the detoxification phases of the liver for weight loss, sugar balancing, and blood pressure regulation. The EB 305 Detoxifying Ionic Footbath is a remarkably quick and easy method in helping the body to remove toxins, in which your feet are placed in an aqueous mineral solution while an electromagnetic ionic field is being circulated. Other methods of assisting toxin removal include addressing Emotional Health and Concerns, Qi Gong, Breathing Techniques, Electromagnetism Awareness, and Water Properties.